Surrey Smoke Faux Silk Jacquard Curtain

Very happy with the drapes! We just replaced 13 windows & these beautiful panels were used over our entry foyer windows each side of our double front doors. They are the perfect width I wanted and the price for what you get is outstanding! They don’t have the special blackout material lined into the back of them. no need for middle brace with the rod with these curtains. They may be effective in blocking out sun and heat, but the fabric is so gross they will not hang in my house. This produce is so good, I am still getting used to them. We have dogs so they have been returned. Nice color and fabric. With these curtains, I see virtually no light (except for a bit over the top) and the sound of my neighbors talking is muffled. I tend to sleep later now that I do not get a face full of sunlight at dawn. Thanks!! I purchased the wine color and may purchase the brown as well. Very happy with the material, quality and color. I got them in Chocolate brown and the color was a reddish brown, which wasn’t what I was looking for at all. I do not find them particularly attractive (but that is in the eye of the beholder). Nice and silky soft to touch, but very durable. Don’t use them to block light, as have cellular shades over all windows, but an added layer is a plus. No more glare on the TV now! The quality of the curtains is excellent and was actually cheaper than other places I shopped. I would definetely recommend these. store, which wrap around the sides of the windows so there is no light leakage whatsoever. You put your hand about 1-3″ away from them and you can feel the temperature difference. They are very plain-looking (the fabric looks non-woven, so there is no visual interest that would be provided by a weave pattern), but the colors seem true and they work as described. They’re a little lopsided though. I can’t sleep when the sun comes up and sometimes work nights, so these were essential They are a satin type material, the same color front and back and hang just right so they sit against the wall and overlap each other. We have a west facing window directly opposite our television.

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Zeus Stone Faux Silk Jacquard Curtain

It has a thread line Also helps for an afternoon nap as the room is dark, cool and comfortable. They work well. These did the trick and as other reviews mentioned, they are nice looking curtains and I didn’t want that white thermal back lining that some black out curtains have. We have 3 sets of the pink curtains and they are room darkening, but not blackout like a navy curtain. I originally purchased these curtains for my boyfriend, who works night shifts, and he wanted the room to be darker during the day so that he could get more sleep. They have a liner, great weight, let in a nice soft glow of light. The absolutley blackout the room (pitch black). This is likely not a problem for many people, but if you are hanging with rods and other curtains/sheers, they will be too short. The curtains were perfect. It is not pink, but mauve. store, which wrap around the sides of the windows so there is no light leakage whatsoever. They look expensive and are very sturdy and thick. They block out the light as promised and the panels are definitely wider than most of the more expensive ones, but they look cheaply made… Couldn’t find anything like them in the stores. Several people have commented on how nice they appear.

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Zen Garden Chocolate Embroidered Faux Silk Curtain

closed. Quality is excellent. They block out light like no other curtains we’ve had in the past. These are very luxurious — richly colored with a soft, buttery texture. I still kept them. But I would recommend these to a friend and will continue to purchase them in the future. The curtains are nice and thick, but also soft. They are very solid and feel very soft as well. Great purchase. I ordered these drapes for a bedroom with two windows facing the sun in the summer and the cold wind in winter. It was great to wake up late and still have the room fairly dark. They hang nicely and are excellent at keeping light out. The two colors I ordered were true to the samples on line. We bought the cardinal red blackout panels for my son’s bedroom, and they are perfect. They arrived within two days of placing order. We have been looking for blackout curtains for some time and were excited to see these advertised. They do exactly what they are advertised to do. I’d buy more, but that’ is all the rooms I have except kitchen and bath. these are great, they really cut down the light. The design and color really add a “POP” to my dining area. Very high quality. The color is beautiful. These curtains do everything they said they would, they block out light, look very good after pressing and really fit the windows. Gift for my niece. Seriously hideous. I’ve been trying to find pink curtains that block out the light. I purchased many of these for my small B and B business.

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Brighton Blue Silk Stripe Curtain

The grommets are strong and attractive, the curtains drape beautifully, and my whole family can tell a difference in how well our living room is temperature-constant, due to the very effective blackout effect when the curtains are closed. I tip I used to make them completely dark is to hot glue magnets onto wall and curtain to block light coming in the sides. Then I ironed them and put them up for the final time. i couldn’t find ANYTHING that comes close to this quality – for the price. I read many reviews on various sites for different curtains for my kitchen patio doors. my only complaint is the color of the grommets themselves. Working third shift is tough, and I purchased these shades to aide in daytime sleeping. They really look very nice. These are not flimsy curtains. I’m glad I made this choice. Now, my new curtains block out so much light that when I wake up, I think its night-time and I get a little disoriented to what time it actually is. I found the opposite to be true. These are nice heavy, sturdy curtains. I ordered the beige ones, and even though they brighten up my living room, they really do keep the sunlight out when I want to. I am going to purchase more for the rest of the house. They could be hung right out of the package without needing to be pressed. You have your choice of putting the rod completely thru the back or thru the tabbies. Overall I am happy with the drapes and was pleased to find the 63 inch length on eshop so I didn’t have to shorten them. (oh yeah, also keeps the heat down. Granted, mine are pulled more taunt than recommended, and are more straight across the window. These curtains were much darker than pictured in the photo. Great quality. Then I see the faint trace of light around the edges of the window. I ordered the chocolate and the color was brown more like milk chocolate deep not brown on the dark chocolate scale but you will not care. Love them! But am pleased with the drapesI received. It blocks the light out when my husband is getting ready for work.

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Brighton Grey Silk Stripe Curtain

I went ahead and used them as they are upstairs in our media room and not highly visible to guests and the don’t clash they just don’t add the pop of color I was hoping for. My daughter wanted room darkening, and these really do the trick. This is so worth the money! I’m very happy. EXCELLENT HELP FROM ONLINE STAFF DURING ORDER PROCESS. Blocks out 99% of the light Then these are the perfect curtains for you. I got the grey and the color and pattern are great for my otherwise neutral bathroom!!. We liked them so much, we ordered more for other rooms in the house. I knew he would appreciate the thermal properties of the curtains. I purchased a curtain rod that fits close to the patio door. Love the color. I have new furniture coming after Christmas and wanted to bring in some brighness to the room so the Cardinal red curains will be awesome when I get the room put together. This was a great product as purchased for a gift. I only bought for one room until I tried them out so they are so good I ordered more for every room in our home. Even as I hung them, the room felt cooler, as they blocked the sun. They are soft and drape nicely because of it. Needed something that wouldn’t show a hint of silhouette through the curtain even when brightly backlighted. These curtains were for my grandson room. We got these a week ago, for our son’s bedroom. The curtains are great! They are not fancy but they look great and feel great to the touch. I especially liked the two hanging options and considering buying this product for another room.

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Lyon Cr?me Embroidered Faux Silk Curtain

I have noticed a huge difference in temperature since hanging them. I also loved that they had a 63″ length option which is great for a kid’s room when you don’t want them pulling on the curtains. I have purchased blackout curtains before that blocked the heat and light well, but they were heavy and thick with a plastic texture. My living room looks great!! They were not heavy and bulky, but a drapy, silk-like feel. I gave them a chance because the quality of all the items I have bought over the years have been excellent. The lining gives them nice weight and allthough others say they are ivory, I think they are white. they block out all the light very well. I really liked the hidden pockets on the back to conceal the curtain rod. Noise is less muffled than I hoped, but I have slept well every night since hanging these. Has a slight sheen, good quality. I have 3 pairs of these drapes in different rooms that I bought 3 years ago. They are soft and drape beautifully. They do the job. Very nice curtains. In my master bdr, I have a singe window that requires 2 panels and a double window which requires 4 panels. I would highly recommend this panels to anyone. By the way, the Cardinal Red is true red and they look so rich and perfect! I was hoping the chocolate color was not muted and it was not. Living in Chicago it gets very cold and drafty in our home. It sure makes the room dark and they look beautiful and elegant. They are soft and pretty not like most blackout curtains. Love the does block the cold & sun..but wish it is little thicker…then it will be prefect! They are exactly what I wanted. He went from getting 3 hours of sleep to a whopping 6.5!

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Romanian Copper Embroidered Faux Silk Curtain

In bright direct sunlight they won’t make the room pitch black but they do a nice job keeping out most direct light and when the sun isn’t directly overhead the room is pitch black. These are a very dark gunmetal grey, meaning that they have a purple tint to them. They are totally block out curtains. My kids room faces east and the morning sun hits bright and early. The color was true to the website and I am glad to have these curtains! I purchased theser curtains for my grandkids’ room. After reviewing these curtains, I purchased another set in a different color and size. I read several of the reviews for this product which helped me reach my decision even though I wasn’t sure if the color was accurate. For something that cost a little more then what I was looking to spend they are worth every penny! the colors are perfect to go with the existing bedspreads, and the width of the drapes is absolutely perfect to cover the double windows. It truly blocked the cold air. Best money ever spent on curtains! It hits our front window early afternoon and evening. I recently purchased these curtains due to the fact that I have fibromyalgia with chronic fatigue syndrome and have to take naps on a daily basis. THESE REALLY DO THE JOB. I like the curtains, but I ordered gray and they are light brown. After spending hundreds of hours in specialty shops, major department stores, even discount retailers, I decided I couldn’t possibly do any worse than ordering these drapes sight unseen, especially given their value. They do exactly what they say they do. I must say these drapes are much more ‘sophisticated’ than I expected! I ordered the dark grey. These curtains have a rich color and make the room very comfortable. I ordered these in black. I am hoping that they reduce the heat as well as this room gets its share from the Southern sun. So far, it does block out quite a bit of light and noise, although because of the lighter color of the fabric it’s not completely blacked out. The material feels great and luxurious. They also keep both rooms much warmer, although the windows are very high quality thermo, the drapes make a difference in summer & winter. They are soft and drap very nicely.

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Romanian Iridescence Embroidered Faux Silk Curtain

They didn’t look very nice on the curtain rod either. They blocked out some light but not as much as I would have liked. The fabric is nice and thick, but not too heavy. I will buy them again. They feel wonderful. I ordered them in black and they look like you have spandex material hanging on the rod. Great looking, nice light filtration. I gave it a poor rating for the construction detail. i took these panels to the beach, where light is a big factor, especially in the morning. These curtains were much better than I expected. Since my husband works some nightshift and sleeps in the daytime, these curtains block out the light completely and he is able to sleep much better. Boy they really blackout the light!! Saw the reviews on these and, after much debate, ordered them. They look really nice too. I ordered the wheat color, would describe them as a buttery gold, they would go with just about any decor. This is the second time I buy these curtains at eshop. I have to agree with another reviewer that when I was taking them out of the package it looked like a pair of bellbottoms left over the from the 70s & I was really concerned, but once they were hung up they were great. Rich color and fabric, hang nicely; wider than usual drapes. I probably will order another pair for a bedroom. VERY SOFT AND EXPENSIVE LOOKING. The workmanship is not great – many snagged and missed stitches.

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Surrey Aqua Faux Silk Jacquard Curtain

Be sure and check the length when you receive them I ordered the burgundy drapes for my dining room based upon the other reviews. They also provide an excellent thermal barrier fro the heat and cold drafts. The color on the site makes them look like a lighter shade than they really are. The price was very good compared to other companies products. They had creases in them so I put them in the dryer with a damp towel as some others had recommended and they came out without any creases. It does an exellent job. My blackout curtains arrived on time and undamaged.They provide the insulation and privacy that I need. I ordered them in the Olive color for a baby’s room. We selected the chocolate and are very pleased with the color. I love the curtain panels. One panel had a slight mark (maybe marker) on it, but it’s not noticeable. The red cardinal color was perfect, material is nice and they hang well. These were easy to install and they look great. This was the only place that I could find exactly what I was looking for and now that we’ve been using them for a few weeks now I love them! I can’t wait to see if they actually save me money on electricity and prove to be thermal as well. All in all, I plan to purchase more for my kids bedrooms (maybe they will sleep in!) and the only thing that would have made me give 5 stars would be if the tabs that hold back the curtains were attatched (it looks like you have to put them on when you want to hold the curtains back, which I don’t because I like my room dark). As always, eshop comes through again for me. I was looking for sun blocking material as I have heavy Florida sun in the evening until 7:30 or so. I was a bit nervous buying them online, sight unseen but after reading the other reviews, I took the chance and am so glad I did!! Looks great, works wonderful in keeping the cold out and also the room is dark in the morning sun. This was my first experience with eshop. The curtains hang beautifully. So, you may have to have them altered or exchange them for a longer set if this happens to you. This is very important for regulating daylight hours for our nesting canary pair. I would, without a doubt, recommend these and would order them again. I would recommend these for those who work nights and in the warmer weather keeps rooms cooler and saves on the A/C. I plan to order more for other rooms in my house to help keep the cold out.

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Flanders Multi Faux Silk Jacquard Curtain

I’m pleased with this drape and will order a few more sets for the upstairs rooms. Additionally, these are not the plastic, or vinyl, type of blackout curtains that remind you of a shower curtain! These curtains block out the light very well, and the pink color for my daughter is a very nice shade of pink. MY ENERGY BILLS ARE LOWER . Easy to install as well. I love them. Look nice, hang nice, and good price. I have a terminal illness that really tires me out during the day, but after sleeping in a few days in my nice cozy, pitch dark room, I feel GREAT! These curtains do what they are supposed to do. Diffuses the light. These are lovely, heavy drapes with an awesome feel to them–silky yet heavy. The curtains completely darken the room comfortably. (2) I don’t notice any thermal effect. I got beige but if they are too light colored they wouldn’t block the light. However, I am extremely pleased with the results. These curtains are very nice fabric but where is the “thermal” ? These were nice and heavy super great from the washer. Overall I’m happy with my purchase, and would make the same one if I could do it over. These keep my room completely dark and do a good job of insulating over a sliding glass door. The fabric looks very inexpensive. We’re very happy with them. The item I ordered is just wonderful. They are long and they block the light enough said.I needed a number of panels for some large windows so I purchased the Clemson telescoping rod. I have recomended these to so many people and they all have been pleased. They keep her room dark when she’s napping. I really like the curtains and they do a great job blocking light. The color was wrong for the room.

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