Nerina Window Curtain

Nerina Window Curtain

As usual I was not let down by store. I cannot believe these are so inexpensive! It’s great for sleeping in! Would I recommend them to a friend? Also I would recommend ironing these or putting them in the dryer with a wet cloth. I may try and use a steamer to straighten them. They meet my expectations and more. The weight & feel are fabulous. Which hasn’t happened for years. Nice for the price, wish theye had other colors available Great quality curtains. I have the winter blue by signature as well and I really like the quality of these curtains. They are the perfect example of our continued commitment to bringing you the highest quality drapes and the most affordable prices. My items arrive earlier than expected and you cannot beat the price or the shipping fees. You can not beat the price for 2 panels. I highly recommend them. The product came quickly. Come on summer, I ready for you this year! These curtains definitely work! Be sure and check the length when you receive them I ordered the burgundy drapes for my dining room based upon the other reviews. Better than you could buy at Target or a home improvement store.  The quality material is luxurious to the touch and they hang so beautifully! These curtains are a very good deal. The beige color of the drapes was true to color as expected. Immeadiate difference in the temperature of the room (receives afternoon light), plus they make the room look great! LOVE these curtains! The fabric is very nice. And when they say “block out” they mean it. I would buy these again for another window if I needed them. Overall great value and look for the price. I would like to complain that you dont make longer width panels… The grommets make it so easy to move them around. I’ll be painting them when I take the curtains down for cleaning. I would buy these again for sure. They are well made, beautiful in color, and aid in energy conservation. Replacement curtains for an old pair.  These drapes were delivered quickly, are good quality and hang nicely. I didn’t want a tripping hazard or something that he would end up playing with. Color is exactly like the picture. These panels look fabulous (appear more expensive than they actually were). I do believe that if I were trying to sleep it would still be a suitable environment. These are great curtains at an excellent value. SUPER SUPER SATISFIED WITH THIS PRODUCT! These curtains work very well.

Floral V Neck Skater Dress

I am in love with this feminine, lovely dress. I feel svelte in this glamorous dress! I absolutely adore it. I love this dress. :( sad because I was really excited. plus you can’t beat a dress with pockets! This dress is super cute and 60’s! LOVE IT. Very cute!! I’m very pear-shaped, and I think this dress made me look much hippier than I really am. I don’t have much of a neck, so the neckline seems high, but overall, this dress is very comfortable, soft, and I love the color. I am debating on what color to get next. It is comfortable, can be dressed up or down and with tights or a shirt underneath it can be worn for three out of four seasons. I can’t wait to wear it out! It quality isn’t quite what I expected though, it’s much prettier in the picture. I think I will get alot of wear out of this dress! The fabric is high quality, the color is rich, and the dress is very well made. The cap sleeves are a little smaller than what you’d expect for the size, but they fit OK. I only wear a 32B–so if you’re that size or smaller—I would get a size up (rather than a S). This size fits like a glove, at first I couldn’t zip it the last 3-4″ (past my bra band), but I tried it later with a slightly thinner bra and managed with a bit of finesse. The purple is brilliant, the length is good. Unfortunately, I have to send back the navy dress after I’ve received the green one (customer service was great, by the way) because I need the green for a Christmas party! The look of this dress translates well for many different events. But a beautiful dress. The top fits nicely, but like the others, I also found the buttons tough to close. Alas, its just not for me! Maybe a size larger would have stopped this… Pros: everything else. Overall: I’m super happy with this dress and the cut. lovely color and length This dress is so cute! *pumps fist* Gorgeous and timeless…. I wear this dress to work a lot. I only wish the material was lined.

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Baby Pink Cowl-Neck Maxi Dress

I hate dresses without pockets but am often forced to buy them because of no other options. I’m very happy with the fit. xo I’ve owned this for about two years, the last time I washed it, one of the buttons came off. I love this dress. Beautiful details in the waist and collar with the buttons and the colour is super hot! Those pockets are really my only complaint with the dress. it looks nice on. I’m 5′ 8″ and purchased this for a church service around Christmas time. With the neck, it looks like I’m wearing an sweet scarf. I hope it grows on me! Lots of compliments. I think I now have 3 coach dresses and they look so professional. My only note is that the accent buttons on the collar weren’t sewn on very tightly. The fabric is nice too — thick and a beautiful shade of red. A little short but I loved it! And it looks great with everything! It fits well and I’m really pleased with the quality. So, I’ll just make myself content and order it in different prints/colors. I’ve been eyeing it for awhile and let my daughter pick a color for me. The material is super comfy and the “button” details are great. The pockets would also sometimes get caught on my legs and make my already wide hips look bizarrely huge. it is a bit too short to wear without stocking or leggingsthe fit is very flattering I generally fit into an xl but changed the large because it was what was available. It’s a bit too high-waisted and the pockets hit my hips a little too high, making them appear wider. I believe I bought the Large! Nothing a little DIY tailoring can’t fix. Great fit! I love this dress. I own this dress in houndstooth and it seems to be holding up better, the materials are a little different. And added bonus – the pockets!! What looked beautiful on paper was less than appealing on my body…the high collar flap did not work for me (might be flattering if you have a longer neck) and the waist was not cinched enough, so the cut seemed more shapeless than shapely. “) This dress is lovely! I could wear this with bare legs or tights. Love this dress so comfortable and fits really well Super cute dress!

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Feather Print Maxi Dress

Let’s say that right away.The first thing I thought when I took it out of the box was that it looked very cheap. I love this dress. Even though it’s sleeveless the fabric is a little heavy, so it’s not well suited for hot, muggy summer days here in the Mid Atlantic. It works great for the office, or a night out on the town. Since then I think it’s been okay. Awesome that is even has pockets too! I will be able to wear it most of the year in MN with layers in the winter. The medium is absolutely perfect, and just skims the top of my knee. I ABSOLUTELY love this dress! Thanks store! I got a lot of compliments on it. Love the dress. I love wearing this to work with some Toms. Try it out, it can’t go wrong! This dress is perfect! Will not be making the same mistake with this again! From the front, it is *perfect* and super flattering. two thumbs up! There was definitely not enough room in the bottom of the dress! This was one of three dresses I received from this site for Christmas. I usually wear a Large. I came across this dress when I did a random google search. This 3x size was a wee bit big around my bust but fitted perfectly elsewhere! the fit is great, and I’m very short, so it being a touch too long is kind of expected. I love the dress and its vibrant color, but there is something about where the waist sits. Other than that, the color was great, and my boyfriend even asked if it was too fancy for work! I’m petite and not very chesty, so the fact that it runs small in the bust is perfect. This is a cute summer dress, made of thin cotton. There’s a reason this dress is the most loved on store – and has been for awhile. Overall, the fabric quality was average at best. This was an incredibly disappointing dress. It’s super comfortable. It is very comfy!

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White Side-Slit Long Dress

Cute, well-ish made, good-ish fabric, but the waist is way too high and I can’t figure out how to alter it to make it lower. I want it in every color. I really like this dress because it’s simple, but also unique. I do not regret this at all. Better in some ways. I love this dress it’s super cute and makes me feel super adorable!!! I had many compliments on my old one. I have recently discovered my love of dresses and am so glad to add this one to my collection. Also, the material is a very thin cotton which is why I don’t think it can be worn beyond a warm fall day. Worn this everywhere else! It took me a long time to decide to actually buy this as . I ended up pinning it in the back with a cardigan over. Even with my larger ladies, the dress clings where it should and loosens up where it should, and causes no awkward ripple effect in the front. Love this dress! Didn’t want my breast to be the main attraction. Also note the jump in length from an XL to 1X. My sister loved it and after seeing it in person and feeling the quality, I’m even more inclined to buy one (or more) for myself. I normally wear a 4X in dresses here, but I got 3X and there is still tons of room and stretch, so if you wear plus sizes, get a size smaller. Definitely more of a fall/winter dress, because the fabric is thick. Great fit, although I am very busty and the waist band came up higher that I thought. Material is heavy enough to last a cold winter when paired with tights. ^^ I had this dress in lavender and loved it so I had to buy it in my favorite color as well! Already have gotten compliments too. Had to go back :( It was a bit lose, but overall I love it! Otherwise this dress is awesome! The length is a little short but no other complaints. My warning is that if you have wider hips like me, you may want to size up or just be ready for the skirt to be shorter than you might think. The color, fit, length and the feel.. It is so comfortable and flattering! The color is a vibrant red that is perfect for the summer and adding a splash of color to the ol winter wardrobe. This red is just perfect and I love the fabric. It can be as casual or as dressed up as you would like. Love them.

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Orange Pleated Trapeze Dress

little stretch, and I had to use a camisole for the “girls”. I am a 36B and could not even close to zip up the dress. It fits great, is very comfy, and I can swing dance in it! This fits beautifully! I know I’ll need to touch them up in the future. I love it! A lot of other ModCommunity members recommended this too, and after reading a handful of reviews, I was sold. This dress is perfect. That’s why I was so impressed at how perfectly it fits. The stitching looked cheap. Didn’t want my breast to be the main attraction. The details are spot on in saying that the 1X-4X sizes run large. Fit was a bit tighter than I had hoped, but still fits well. Perfect for work. I absolutely love this dress. My sister and I gave this dress to each other for Christmas this year! I am very happy with this and have already ordered it in violet. I’ve only worn it once, and I’m sad to say that it’ll probably wind up in my closet until Christmas time when I might pull it out and give it another shot due to its color. A nice basic piece, great for layering with leggings and cardigans. Let me start off by saying – I.LOVE.THIS.DRESS. But I love it so much! I am in love with this dress! Very comfortable and very cute. The color is more plum than violet, but it still worked. I’m looking forward to wearing it all winter long and I’m already browsing looking for my next purchase! Nothing a pair of tights can’t fix! I paired it with some stockings and boots and I was all set for the holidays! What more could you want in a dress? Although, the buttons look a bit cheaper and lighter in person and the pockets can make you look a little more bulky looking. The foldover flap on the neck line looks really cute. All in all, the dress is great. It fits almost perfectly, and is one of the most flattering dresses I’ve ever owned! I paired it with the yellow sweater and black boots or red flats.

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Green Printed Maxi Dress

Went by the measurements and ordered a size larger than normal. stay. The small was perfect. The waist falls at just the right spot and the flare of the skirt is perfect. Super cute dress! I love the fifties styling and the material has just enough stretch to it. When I saw this dress I loved it instantly. I’m thinking of buying it in other colors. It hugs right underneath the chest and then falls (on me) right above the knee) There are two pockets nicely hidden in the dress, the buttons are sewn on nicely and the material is very comfortable. Beautiful fabric and flattering fit! Just the fit didn’t work out on me. otherwise I really like it. If you can get it for less, I’d say go for it! Fit well and was flattering and slimming. I bought this dress in houndstooth and after one wearing ordered it in red. The neck piece is a little weird and doesn’t always lay right. Could be an inch longer length wise. With my complexion, I knew red was the color for me. I didn’t love this dress. Such a dream. The dress itself is of good quality and and really cute, too bad I’m top heavy and it made me look like a line backer. I’m wearing it to my boyfriend’s graduation from Navy boot camp and I can’t wait to show him my adorable new dress! The pockets do make the dress lay a bit oddly but it didn’t make my hips look bigger, and they are good size pockets, held my phone, keys and wallet! It does poof out a little on the sides on the bottom, but other than that it’s adorable. The reason is that the pockets make the dress stick out a bit at the hips. Perfect classic cut that flatters every body type! I carry my extra weight in my stomach and this dress hits me just right, so it’s not snug around my problem area. I was born on Valentine’s Day and this is going to be my birthday dress! It’s a great dress….I’m considering ordering it in other colors next! Other then that i loved the dress. Listen to the other reviewers when they tell you to size down. Otherwise, I loved the color and the way the top fit! However, when I first took it of the box I thought it was going to be way too small.

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Halter Long Slit Dress

This dress is very flattering for my curvy shape! It gives you a nice hourglass shape and helps hide pesky stomach problems. I should’ve sent it back earlier! I wore a black long sleeved shirt underneath and boots and it was a great look! I have the purple one too. I may buy it in other colors. Feels very soft, super comfortable, flattering length. It fit me perfectly and was very comfortable. It is a 100% my style. And glad I did! It is the perfect fall dress. It is great and I get lots of compliments. It falls nicely over my hips, has nice stretch to it, and goes to just above my knee. I also did not like the buttons on this one at all. Great to dress up or down, a highly recomended buy! So comfortable and flattering! But I don’t do that at work. Quality is lower than anticipated. It fits nicely for the most part. I’m only giving it four stars because the quality of fabric is poor and there are patches that faded when cleaned as directed. First off, I loooove the color of this dress, it’s a deep vibrant purple. OK,! I couldn’t help but smile. I just got this along with two other items today. The neck did get a little annoying throughout the night, but i just unbuttoned the top button and was fine since my hair covered it. I rushed to try it on and I couldn’t bear to take it off! Just got this dress delivered today and tried it on, it was perfect! Its just tight in the waist. I finally caved and bought this dress after staring at it for months and seeing the consistently rave reviews on it. The color is beautiful, which I was leery of thinking I wanted black verses the blue. The material is very nice and flutters just right when you move. I ordered a large, and I was surprised with how well it fit. When I put this dress on, my Mom said, “Umm, I think it would look better on ME!” We love this dress!

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Mint Cowl Neck Maxi Dress

Chest size 34DD and fits over however the button holes are a bit too big so the button often comes undone. Like other reviewers have said, this dress is versatile — I tried it layered with a long-sleeve tee underneath, and a cardigan on top. ): It was not as flattering as I’d hoped – the skirt flares out a lot and the top stretches to make my chest look even bigger than it is. Can’t add much more–it’s a great dress! Had to have two, a black one for work and a red one for fun. Got tons of compliments both times I’ve worn it I love this dress. I am 5’6″, 110 lbs and very leggy and this dress is very comfortable. I’m between a medium and a large, and the large fit perfect. I bought it in green for the holidays and liked it so much that I bought it in purple as well. It fits in a way I enjoy but is still a little large in the skirt around my hips but I expected this as my hips are narrower than the rest of me. I get random compliments every time I wear this. Overall, very happy with it: lovely colour, perfect length (right at my knees!), great versatility, and very comfortable. My only qualm with it is that the waist hits a little high for me. I did not like the plastic gold buttons for this dress. The bust is a tad tight, but nothing that a cami underneath can’t solve if a button or two have to be undone. I love the color and the fit. I bought it at $36.99, but don’t think it is worth that price. I always consider it when I’m in a dressy mood. Love this dress! Very 50’s. Plus, it’s made in the USA. The quality of this dress leaves much to be desired. So I coveted this dress for several months but was worried about sizing (I tried to return a gift for credit last month, but the package got lost in the mail, had trouble locating the tracking number from the giver and so never got the credit for the item, so I am somewhat wary about returns.) I finally broke down and bought it—and am so glad I did! I am 5’5″ and the dress was just a little above the knee. Beautiful dress. However the waist is a tad bit tight and the under arm area is a little big. This dress hits just above the knee. Absolutely adore this dress! I have broad shoulders from rock climbing, which have recently me sized up from small to medium at the Gap. It fit perfectly although I had to be rather careful with putting it on as the zipper on the side is in the middle of the fabric and I had to unbutton all the buttons and pull it over my head – usually my hips are too big to pull dresses up over my bum. I was not impressed with this dress. It was way too long, the material was extremely stiff, and the torso on it looked all wrong. The bust area was Ok, but the waist was too large and the sleeves looked odd.

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Floral Chiffon Dress

I bought this dress back in November, but wore it for the first time last week. You can definitely dress this little piece for the office, casual brunch, or…*wags eyebrows* those holiday parties coming up! Obviously I am a fan!!! It’s reasonably priced, and just beautiful. I ordered a size S as people mentioned to size up (and I am busty.) The bottom of the dress is kind of boxy. Color was lovely. I wear it all the time, it is great with a blouse underneath (My personal fav, is the Vanilla Milk Top) it is very versatile in that way. I wore it for the first time yesterday, and got tons of compliments on the color and the cut. Right now I’m a 2X but went with a 1X and it fits beautifully on me and over my 23 week pregnant belly! :) And thank you store for making such a lovely dress! So I sized up, and honestly, I’m glad I did! It’s perfect with leggings but a little short without them. I really want it in at least one other colour :) This dress is super cute, and really comfortable. I am 4’11”, 105 lbs and a 32A/B (you never know!) It literally fits perfectly and is a gorgeous color. The saving grace that will allow me to keep it is that the dress comes with the tie belt that will help make up for the bigger than I’d have liked waist. Got it in black and loved it so much I had to have it in purple too! I love that this dress can either be dressed up or down! I wish it had fit well enough to keep! This is more a question than a review at the moment. I’m not super busty, but clearly this wasn’t going to work.I tweeted store on twitter and they were super helpful and directed me to the info on free exchanges and returns. The bust runs on the tighter side, but when I sized up, the rest of the dress was too big, so I just wear a cami underneath and unbutton the top. So (alas!) I’m returning this pretty dress. Most definitely a good idea. However, I do find the neckline a bit tight. best. Based on size chart, I now see I should have gone medium, but I can’t even zip the small over my ribs. It’s not flashy, but it’s classic, and the quality of the fabric, lining, and buttons were all completely satisfactory for me. This dress is so perfect! I loved this dress for MONTHS before I broke down and had to have it. I might have been swayed by the name of the dress into purchasing since I live in chicago, but this dress is a downright dream. Thought I’d be trapped in there for a while. Great dress, I was a bit nervous because my body type close to pear shape, its a bit loose in the boob area for me, but it can definitely be fixed, …Beautiful dress, material is pretty much what you expect from looking at the pic I wanted to love this dress, because I’ve been admiring it for a long time, but when it came in the mail it looked awkward on. Hoping that was a sign that I needed the medium, I placed my order.

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