Syrah Blackout Faux Silk Taffeta Curtain

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They are a heavyweight almost silky material that not only drape beautifully, but also block the light and heat. These draperies hang beautifully, like much more expensive fabric. My neighbor leaves her light on overnite and it shines right in to my master bedroom. Have tried other panels that were not efficient. I would highly recommend these for bright bedrooms, guest rooms, etc. Great product. Three panels push back to only 8″ of space which enables me to get every bit of light when I want it, yet I can block it out when I don’t. My bedroom window faces East and I get bright sunlight in the mornings. I love these curtains!!! They have a translucence that I needed. These are lovely, heavy drapes with an awesome feel to them–silky yet heavy. i was certain that they would not be effective, but i was totally wrong. I am very glad I did. I am thinking of buying a set in the red for my smaller bedroom/office. Wow! There curtains look nice and provide functionaity. Darken room well. Love them and of course they arrived quickly. I would recommend them to anyone with a need to reduce light, heat &/or cold from their windows. Brown blocks completely. My daughter now settles in at naptime much easier and we have had to run the air conditioner less than usual.

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