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The lottery is a system of random selection of applicants for enrollment and generates the official waiting list for each campus. During the lottery process, all properly completed and received applications submitted during the enrollment period are publicly drawn in random order until capacity is reached and the wait list generated.

BDJ will determine the enrollment period and publicly announce enrollment deadlines via the schools’ newsletter, website, and/or email list. Evidence of the school’s public announcements will be documented and maintained at the school.

  • The BDJ lottery will include all properly completed applications for enrollment received by the published date of the public lottery. BDJ will make available at the public lottery the projected number of vacancies for eligible grade levels.
    • Vacancy projections may be adjusted for homogeneous groupings.
    • Please be advised, due to the fact that the majority of BDJ scholars remain with their respective campus, lottery spaces are very rare in grades 7-8.
    • Additionally, families with siblings of returning students are given preference where space allows. There is no guarantee that either campus will have space for a sibling.
    • A scholar who has elected to withdraw from BDJ and wishes to return, must reapply as a new scholar.
  • The remaining applications for each grade level will be drawn and placed on the waiting list in the order in which they are drawn.
    • In the event one sibling is chosen through the lottery, the remaining sibling(s), if not chosen, will receive a preference on the waiting list by being moved to the top of the waiting list.
    • In the event there are multiple families with sibling(s) on the same waiting list, they will remain in the order in which they were drawn.
  • The lottery drawing will be held at a meeting of the BDJA, Inc. Board of Directors or a Parent Teacher Association (PTA). As spaces become available at the respective schools, they are offered to the applicants in the order of placement. These applicants should be identified by number and by grade.
    • Priority is not determined by the date the application is submitted; however, there is a due date for the lottery. Please only submit one application per school year. If your child is a returning scholar, his spot for the next school year is secured.
  • A current wait list will be maintained in each school’s main office through the end of the academic year.
    • The wait list is valid through the end of the school year; the application process for the lottery, begins in the fall for the next school year. If an applicant has not been selected for admission (through the lottery process), he must reapply for the next school year.
    • When a space becomes available the contact information provided on a future scholar’s application will be used to contact the parent or guardian. The parent or guardian must respond within 24 hours of the notification to accept or decline the space. If there is no response, the next potential scholar on the list will be notified of an opening.
  • Retention Clause – If a future scholar is chosen for a grade slot and is then retained at their sending school or if the information provided on the application or enrollment form about the future scholar’s grade level is found to be inaccurate, the offer of admissions will be rescinded and the future scholar will be placed at the end of the waiting list for the newly identified grade level.
  • Preference for Employees – children of employees and administrators of either campus of BDJ’s operator are given preference. Such applicants will be given priority for vacancies after any required placements have been made and before applicants are admitted to via the BDJ’s lottery process. Lottery participation is also open to non-resident students who pay tuition at the rate established by BCPSS – though available slots are allotted to Baltimore City students first.
    • As a public charter school, Bluford Drew Jemison STEM Academy may not limit enrollment based on student’s race, color, religion, national origin, language spoken, intellectual or athletic performance.
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