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  1. Each applicant will be assigned a random number. Each number will be placed on at least 3x5 index card that will be openly displayed on tables before the lottery begins.
  2. At the start of the lottery, the numbered cards will be placed in a clean container and shaken to ensure they settle in no predetermined order.
  3. The numbered cards will be selected one at a time by a member of the community with no interest in the outcome of the lottery. This individual will pass the card to a reader who will announce the number on the card and the applicant’s name to the audience.
  4. The selections will be recorded in the order in which they are pulled out of the container and displayed via an overhead projector or on a display board.
  5. After each number is read, confirmation of whether the selected student has a sibling will be noted.
  6. Numbers will be drawn until they have been exhausted and placed on the waiting list, if applicable, in the order in which they were drawn.
  7. There will be a separate lottery conducted for each grade. The selection process will be conducted one grade level at a time.
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